As the weather becomes cooler we notice a spike in calls related to pest control.  These problems arise with home owners more frequently, but instead of bees and wasps, home owners are now concerned with raccoonsquirrels, rats, mice, bats and skunks.

Pest control calls generally go up in the colder weather as these little critters try to find a warm place to sleep during the day.  The problem is that sometimes animals damage homes or business property in the process.

It’s always advised to call a professional when this occurs to avoid potential incidents and possible harm.  Professional Animal Control companies have specialized equipment and years of experience and can remedy the situation quickly and cost effectively.

If you have a question about animal control for your home or business, we recommend either visiting the website and posting a question on the form, or simply calling us at 416-487-4179.

Here we are on site at a residence where we have been asked to remove a bat which has found it’s home under the soffit of this home where he can get shade from the bright daylight.  Bat’s are nocturnal creatures and usually seek out shelter in cool and dark places.  This particular bat did not find the privacy it needs to sleep throughout the daylight hours, but instead found a spot right near the entrance of a home.

Needless to say, this little guy will not want to come back here and will choose better when looking for his next place to sleep.  He will be relocated to a new location.

If you find that you have a “Bat Problem” and require bat removal services, consider calling a professional.

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To learn more about Bats, check out our Bat Removal FAQ.

Raccoon Removal: Do you have raccoon issues at your home or business but you don’t want to hurt them?  We understand.  We built our business and our reputation on it.

Pro-Pest specializes in professional animal and pest removal services in the Toronto area.

We are “The Humane Animal and Pest Removal Company” for the GTA.

Rogue Raccoons

In this video, we showcase how we remove a raccoon from a sticky situation. When dealing with wildlife in the city, you need to remember that they are not usually looking for any attention, so for the most part they try to stay out of sight. It’s when they get stuck in a situation like this that professionals should be called in to avoid any potential problems. Leave it to the experts to make sure that no one gets hurt.

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