Halting Ant Infestation in Its Tracks

When you see a sudden swarm of ants on the pavement near your home and business, is it cause for alarm? Read on to learn about ant behaviour and when it’s time to call a professional pest removal company.

Why are Ants Swarming on Pavement Cracks?

Entomologists have listed three reasons why ants form large groups on pavement:

Are Ant Swarms a Reason for Concern?

1. Looking for Food

Ants move out of their colony for one big reason – to look for food for the entire population. A swarm of ants could mean they have found the shortest route to a food source. Ants operate on efficiency and instinct, and a swarm is the physical representation of that drive.

2. Mating Season

Another primary reason why ants congregate is because they are looking for a mate during certain seasons. This phenomenon is called “hilltopping” as ants group together in areas like large trees or house chimneys.

3. Migration

Ants may also swarm on top of pavement when they move to a new home. They may find travelling on top of pavement more efficient than traveling underground.

Will My Home Become the New Ant Colony?

If the pavement where these ants swarm is near your home, it is not always a cause for concern. On the other hand, they may have decided that your home is the ideal area for them to relocate.

Be proactive and stop ants from getting in by minimizing their access to food and water sources located inside your home. But due to their minute size, it is often impossible to locate exactly where ants have mobilized, unless you see them marching or swarming across a kitchen counter.

Reasons to Hire Home Pest Control Experts

If you see large numbers of ants inside the house, it’s advisable to call for pest control consultation. Stop ants in their tracks before they start eating at the structure of your home. Call Pro-Pest at (416) 487-4179 for safe ant extermination.

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