If you are seeing Carpenter Ants walking around your home in early spring, it’s because they have been living in your home from the year before, or for many years. As it gets warmer the ants are seen less and less, to the point that it seems the ants are gone. The reality is they will live with you until you take a course of action to get rid of them. We at Pro Pest will come out to inspect your property, identify the extent of your problem and find a solution. Call us today!

Every spring, all wildlife prepares for their young. That means they are looking for nesting areas, like in your attic, in walls, stove vents, in garages etc.

Do some prevention before this happens to you. We can do an inspection of your property to determine if there are weak points or current issues.

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If you have experienced the painful realization that you have bed bugs, you are not alone.

Many major cities including Toronto, New York, Chicago, etc are experiencing a huge increase in bed bug infestations.  The good news is that we have a product that will help eliminate the problem.


The Bed Bug protective sheets help separate you from the bugs and interupts their feeding cycle by producing a barrier between you and the bedding.

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If you would like us to inspect your location prior to placing an order, simply give us a call.


snake 023

Today I was called out to one of our many condos throughout our city for a reported sighting of a snake. When I arrived the snake was behind the stove. I identified it to be a python which is a constrictor and not venomous. The entry point came from under the washroom sink through an open pipe chase door. Probably someones pet snake that escaped. This is quite common in condo and apartment buildings. Last year we retrievedsnake 023 12 snakes, the largest being 9 foot in length.

Have you been seeing the occasional big black ant in your home at this time of year? Well, that’s a sign that you have an infestation of Carpenter Ants in your home.  As the long winter months progress towards spring time, Carpenter Ants that have been over wintering within your walls, attic or in some type of void space, start to come alive. The average colony could be between 1000 to 3000 in size, but more importantly the ants were attracted to your home most likely due to a moisture problem. In other words, water damage. Mostly it is hidden and is hard to detect, but the ants are great inspectors and will always find the source. The technicians at Pro Pest have years of experience and will be happy to do an inspection to determine the course of action that best suits you.

As Pest & Wildlife controllers there are more calls with regards to strange looking creatures around their properties. These are animals with a rat tail and a face like a raccoon. The population is growing and they will soon be visiting you!

Checking out this property!
Checking out this property!