Cap Your Chimney and Reap These Benefits

Many homes with chimneys have an open top, but this can create a problem for homeowners. An open chimney allows birds, squirrels, and raccoons to enter your house. If they fall into the opening, get trapped, and die inside, you’ll have to deal with pest control and suffer other costly difficulties. Also, when it rains or snows, moisture can damage your chimney, including its stainless steel liners, dampers, and mortars, welcoming the growth of mould and mildew. Continue reading

Here we are on site at a residence where we have been asked to remove a bat which has found it’s home under the soffit of this home where he can get shade from the bright daylight.  Bat’s are nocturnal creatures and usually seek out shelter in cool and dark places.  This particular bat did not find the privacy it needs to sleep throughout the daylight hours, but instead found a spot right near the entrance of a home.

Needless to say, this little guy will not want to come back here and will choose better when looking for his next place to sleep.  He will be relocated to a new location.

If you find that you have a “Bat Problem” and require bat removal services, consider calling a professional.

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