Halting Ant Infestation in Its Tracks

Ants are helpful to farms and serve a purpose; they’re natural predators and often feed on insects that can cause damage to the roots of plants. They also help pollinate flowers and distribute seeds. But when ants take over your indoor living space, it’s time to eradicate them. Ants can be destructive to property. Expert pest control companies will eliminate the ant nest, remove their food sources, and recommend barriers to prevent new ant infestations.

Stop ant infestation in its tracks before these tiny creatures take shelter in your home:

Clean the House

Halting Ant Infestation in Its Tracks

One of the most effective ways to prevent ant infestation is to keep your house cleans. Sweep away food morsels, wipe spills, wash dirty dishes, and take garbage out as soon as possible.

Seal Cracks and Gaps

Halting Ant Infestation in Its Tracks

Ants usually enter the house through gaps and cracks. Check areas of your house where ants might find entry. If ants have already infiltrated your home, follow their tracks and spot where they enter and leave. Seal off their point of entry and exit points.

Remove the Trail

Halting Ant Infestation in Its Tracks

Ants work in groups and smell the scent left by other ants. Although keeping your house clean is the first line of defense against ant infestation, this may not be enough to erase the scent. Below are some methods that naturally stop ant infestation:

  • White Vinegar – In a spray bottle, mix equal parts white vinegar and water. Add a few drops of essential oil into the solution and shake the bottle well. Spray solution directly on ants and their entry points.
  • Cinnamon – Mix ½ teaspoon of cinnamon essential oil with a cup of water and transfer the solution into a bottle. Shake it well. Soak cotton with the solution and wipe it in areas where ants enter and dwell.
  • Lemon Juice – Rub freshly sliced lemon onto entry points and trails. Its naturally acidic scent fends off the ants and eliminates their scent. You can also dampen cotton balls with lemon essential oil and distribute them to cabinets and areas with gaps and cracks.

If ant infestation can’t be resolved using homemade solutions, contact a professional pest removal company, such as Pro-Pest. Call our customer service at (416) 478-4179 or send us an email at info@pro-pest.ca for more information.

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